Here I Am


I kicked off this blog in 2016 with an Easter poem. So, I guess it’s tradition now…Happy and blessed Easter:


I hear you

I know you have been calling me.

You search for my love.

Praying, looking, seeking

Asking me to return,

Show myself, hold your hand

But I don’t know what else to do.

I have come to you,

Yet you do not see me.

You refuse to answer

when I call out your name.

Hidden behind opaque clouds of

your boundless ego,

my voice cannot be heard

over the deafening

din of your vanity.

You’ll find me

Shut your eyes and look deep inside.

Hear only your heart.

Search your spirit’s mirror.

I am in the darkness

and light we all posses.

In each kiss dancing on your lips,

and every hungry mouth.

In each hand you caress

And every exposed palm,

mateless, unheld, reaching.

In each sparkling tear of joy

and every mournful cry.

In each spirited laugh,

and every painful plea

seeking love’s soothing balm.

Here I Am.