Forgive Us Our Sins

Please forgive us our sins

For only a heart of light such as yours

Can cleanse souls so black,

Our Father in heaven

Whose holiness demands we

Bend our knees and

Bow our heads and

Still our spirit

In supplication and deference

We pray, hope, plead, beg for the day

When our world will someday look like your kingdom

But until that morning breaks, we ask you to forgive us

For failing so completely

In our obligations to each other

Breaking bones and the spirit they protect

For the glory of a blood-spattered crown

Stealing everything our covetous eyes

Can see just to raise the ante 

Prostrating before false gods who promise

Endless riches but deliver less than a single piece of silver

Carving “What’s yours is mine” with the tip of a cracking whip

Into flesh daring to seek only its daily bread

Boundless arrogance

Limitless hubris

Shameless shame

Miserable with petty envy

Consumed by lustful greed

Pathetic creatures groveling

At the feet of monsters of our own making

Willing to wade through mountains of trash

For the chance of finding a kernel of approval

But worst of all, destroying the slivering light

Daring to shine faithfully from the hope for  

A better day

A bigger world

A brighter sun

Because it might reveal the dark truth

Of our human nature –

That we are made in the image of our Creator

And so what are we to make  of this cracked mirror

That we desperately avoid, but whose broken image beckons

Is it that you are like us?

Or us like you?

Which is worse?

A creation that revels in its own chaos

For the puerile thrill of crushing those deemed 

More Than, Different Than, Better Than

Eons of false warnings assuring its demise will never come

Or a Creator who gifts the majesty and awe of the universe

But abandons its creation to the demons sleeping at its side

Cynically absolving itself, wiping its hands with Free Will

A child who mimics, mocks, or ignores its parent

Or a parent who indulges and allows such behavior

Hoping its child will learn for itself the heat of the flame

Trapped by the rising tides of narcissism

Vainly peering through webs of complicity and conspiracy

We wonder –

Where to look

What to do

Who to blame –

Until we know, then we must ask again

And again

And again

Please forgive us our sins

And we will forgive you yours