This Single Act

Riley 032318

I wrote this years ago for the birth of a friend’s first child. I’ve shared it with several new moms over the years.

Now, I share it with my daughter and son-in-law, Emma and Jake Williams, on the occasion of the birth of their first child, Riley Jean, on March 23, 2018.

Words are truly too small to capture or convey my joy, pride and hope in this moment. 

Riley, my lovely girl, Papa loves you…


God touches us in many ways.

But perhaps He is most with us in our child’s first breath.

For, in this single act, which, for too many, has lost much of its

awesome mystery to the

cynicism of time and science, the Lord of All confirms His

presence in us, continues

His love for us and confers His powers on us.

In this single Act, God brings together all the majesty of nature,

the love of humanity,

the joy and hope that He controls.

In this single act, there is magic enough to bring reverence for

the power of Heaven.

In this single act, the hand of the Spirit – that part of Himself that

God grants every person – opens the door of our heart to show us the

Way to Truth.

For in this single act, God gives us another chance to redeem ourselves

by teaching this new creation

to find happiness, foster peace and rejoice in

His glory.

Humanity cannot ask for nor expect a greater gift, for

In this single act, God proves His existence and grace,

His image mirrored in the eyes

of our own.

In this single act, we find our way back to God, whose love

brings us to the world and shields us

from its pain

In this single act we can truly justify God’s unending faith

in the ultimate goodness of the

human spirit.


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