I wrote this poem three years ago as a Christmas gift to my daughters.

They were pushing against the edges of the nest, and I wondered where those changes — as vexing as they were inevitable — left me. 

Three years ago, I was confused and frustrated about my morphing role as “Dad”.

Three years later — thanks largely to my wise wife’s sage counsel  — I know my role is to continue to celebrate and support them as the wonderful young adults that they have become.

Today, with Christmas two days away, I share this to reiterate to them how incredibly proud and grateful I am to be their Dad, whatever that means.

Merry Christmas to all…


For what am I

If not a part of you?

I, whose eyes became your eyes

So that you could see the sparkle of a star-filled night sky

Learning what is, and believing in what could be

I, whose heart beat for your heart

So that you might know the magic of true love

That you might both receive and share its living power

I, whose hands felt for your hands

So that you could learn the warmth of another’s touch

Human and divine, able to reach the unreachable

I, whose soul sought for your soul

So that you would know and value the spirit of all,

More meaningful than name, color or creed

I, whose humor broke your frown

So that you would feel laughter’s healing balm

And be restored to yourself and each other

I, who would trade my own for the life I gave you

So that you might joyfully raise another high,

Earning salvation upon the wings of sacrifice.

Do I lose my Me, as you gain your You?

Do my eyes lose their sight – or cry with joy for your brilliance?

Does my heart stop beating – or drum louder with pride?

Do my hands remain unused – or clap loudest for your successes?

Does my soul petrify – or happily abide as yours blossoms?

For what am I

If not a part of you?

I am the

Father/Mother/God, who

Dreams and breathes and lives

Through you

With you

In you.



















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