Generally speaking, I am a hopeful person.

I believe that the world’s many frustrations and shortcomings can and will be OK with time, understanding, patience and work.

Still, some things just make me nuts.

For example, the penchant for some to expect (demand?) recognition for their so-called charity…


So let me get this straight…

You mean to tell me,

That I cannot tell you

When I do something great?

No Instagram or Facebook post

I must hide my glory under a basket?

No Snapchat or Tweet

To proclaim that I am the most?

I cannot share my generosity

When I drop a quarter

In a cup (well, actually – maybe — a dime)

Then how will anyone see?

No blog message to sing proudly

How caring my thoughts, how large my heart?

Then how will the world know

That “Honestly, it’s not about me.”

If I cannot seek adulation’s touch

For how kind (I piously boast) I have been,

Well, now let me tell you,

That’s just asking too much.

                                                                                                      May 2016


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